Dirty Soul Revival

The name says it all. Music is expression and only through expression is music kept alive. Forget genres, forget the endless pandering to the masses, forget the formulaic radio vomit that has been created in the studio for the sole purpose of separating you from your dollar. This is music made for people who want to see people bleed, hear people cry, watch someone fail while wishing them to succeed. This band was founded on hate. Love. Fear. READ MORE

Left Lane Cruiser

This whiskey fueled two man frenzy of blues-driven rock’n’roll noise straight from Fort Wayne, Indiana promise to hit you like a shock wave and show you a foot-stompin’ good time. Left Lane Cruiser is comprised of Joe Evans (Freddy J IV) on slide guitar and vocals and Pete Dio on the drums. The raw blues power duo of LLC have practiced through thick and thin to hone a sound unlike any other and have been together long enough to have previously released a couple of self-produced EPs. “Let your soul drive what you do” is the premise of their music, “give it all you got, and everything is an instrument: trash cans, paint trays, hubcaps, ladders, you name it."READ MORE

The Breakes

CD Baby describes this Indiana trio as “the child of the Black Keys, Jack White and Josh Homme”. Meet Adam Meyers, Adam Vorndran and Chris Kelly, the spontaneous creators who formed the Breakes in 2011, when they opened for the Kongos, and have ever since been honing their craft.

Drawing from influences like Arctic Monkeys, Led Zeppelin and White Denim, this band pushes the envelope by evolving their dance pop summer jams into urban hiphop pop with a dance twist. They are well on their way to reach their goal of building a loyal Breakes Brigade of fanatic followers and to dominate the tour scene READ MORE


This Americana Alt-Folk band sharing their special brand of Folk music. READ MORE


El Camino Hot Tub is a seven-piece funk rock band that originated in Fort Wayne, Indiana. With their high-energy grooves and heavily improv-driven performances, they are quickly elevating the dance floor from the stand-n-nod to something that more resembles a cross between the Q-tip and the bus-driver. READ MORE







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